Why is InBody more accurate than BMI?

As opposed to testing the dimensions of your body in relation to your weight, an InBody test is a cutting-edge Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) or health assessment, that analyses the composition balance of your body to include body water, minerals, muscle and body fat. These components of the body closely relate to the status of our health and by measuring them with a high level of precision, we’re able to articulate the most effective health interventions to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Grounded in Science . Cutting-edge Health Technology

Developed in 1996 and mentioned in hundreds of research papers across various fields such as nutrition, sports and obesity, InBody, which is the basis of our ReadyScan solution, is a scientific approach to health.

Can ReadyScan help you?

As part of an integrated suite of health assessments, or provided on its own, ReadyScan helps:
Maintain a healthier workforce
Particularly for teams with sedentary workstyles, incorporate ReadyScan into your Corporate Wellness Program and help your team identify health concerns and incorporate healthier lifestyles.
Gyms, Sports Clubs & Personal Trainers
Improve training effectiveness
Help your members lose visceral fat and identify what training changes need to be made to increase muscle mass, while screening for any possible health concerns and improve training programs.
Identify health concerns
Identify nutritional deficiencies early and improve academic and sporting achievement through better health and increased concentration and energy.
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Retailers & Medical Aids
Help customers become healthy
Give customers access to advanced weight measurements that help them identify nutritional and overall health deficiencies which ensure repeat business and additional purchases.
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