Sports Science for Everyone! Get access to the worlds most advanced health assessments and sports insights with ReadyRoom

ReadySport is a world-class range of highly advanced health assessments that are the culmination of many years of research, planning and collaboration with the world’s top sports companies and sports physicians.
These health assessments are now available to you

Why is ReadySport a better option for you?

Most sport centres:

Only cater to a select few
Limited in availability
Rarely affordable
May not be aligned to international standards


Offers world-class sports science to everyone
Easily accessible (we’re mobile)
Highly advanced

How does ReadySport Work?

The body has two priorities for survival: to breathe and move
The body will continually find ways to meet those priorities and it’s willing to sacrifice anything in order to do this. But these compensations put us at risk. Our body’s ability to overcome the stresses and pressures of life can result in reduced movement and exercise. Measurable reductions in strength, power, flexibility and endurance often occur, leaving our bodies less resilient and at risk of poor performance, pain and dysfunction, both in the way we move and the way we behave. If you experience a traumatic event or injury, you’ll notice the slow and gradual decline in function and performance. These compensations get tired and eventually break.

The result, at best, is loss of energy and at worst, constant chronic pain and reduced function. The good news is that this is simple to reverse when you really honour what your body needs to function correctly.

Here’s what we consider for the correct functioning of the body:


Professional and amateur athletes will perform better with greater health and improved functioning by making regular use of ReadySport health assessments and guidance provided by our qualified team.
Professional and enthusiast teams will maximise their performance and overall, long term health and wellness with ReadySport health assessments integrated into their regular health and fitness planning.
Sports clubs and gyms can give their members far more value by scheduling ReadySport health assessments at their facilities.
Students can gain maximum enjoyment from sport while still having the energy to excel academically by integrating ReadySport health assessments into their health and fitness routines.

How can you access ReadyRoom?


Our team visits various sports clubs across South Africa for set health assessment days. If you’d like to add your sports club to the list, Get in Touch…


You’ll find us at gyms and crossfit boxes throughout the country. If you don’t see our poster and booking links up on the wall at your gym or crossfit box, chat to your manager. We’re expanding our gym and crossfit box base all the time.


We help personal trainers offer their clients an extra dimension of effectiveness. Chat to your personal trainer if you’re interested in our range of health assessments or ask them to contact us.

What Health Assessments do we provide?

  • Powered by BeActivated
    Assessment Time: 15 Minutes
    Understand where your mobility, stability and breathing need to be addressed so that you can reduce injury and improve your resilience, energy, strength and speed…
  • Powered by Omegawave
    Assessment Time: 5 Minutes
    This accurate assessment of the brain and heart helps identify where you can optimise training, athletic performance and improve resistance to stress, illness and injury…
  • Powered by InBody
    Assessment Time: 5 Minutes
    Going beyond BMI, which is outdated and inaccurate, this assessment measures the balance between body fat and muscle, and includes a fully personalised diet and exercise plan…
  • Powered by Neurozone
    Assessment Time: 5 Minutes
    With a Brain Performance Opportunity Diagnosis, we’re able to maximise four core competencies including Resilience, Self-leadership, Learning Capacity and Innovation Capacity…
  • Powered by RightEye
    Assessment Time: 5 Minutes
    We use eye-tracking technology to record and analyse any visual impairments and highlight deficiencies in your overall health and wellness…
  • Powered by ReadyRoom
    Treatment Time: 30 Minutes
    Using Data-driven Nutritional Science, we provide a customised, safe and accurate nutritional plan along with ongoing monitoring and health management…

Get in Touch

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