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Are you ready to perform?

Whether it’s sport, school, work or just life in general – optimal performance depends on a fine balance throughout the body.
Achieving that balance means knowing what’s working and what isn’t.
A health assessment which typically includes basic blood tests, BMI and other traditional screens are outdated, unreliable and inaccurate. To really understand your body and discover how you can perform at your best, you need a more modern approach that provides reliable information and goes beyond guesswork.

Get ready to perform…

Providing a suite of modern, highly accurate health assessment technologies, ReadyRoom gives you a complete view of your entire body, including your brain. These health assessments provide detailed information that tell us how you can perform even better, in every area of your life.

How do I access ReadyRoom?

At Work
Prevent absenteeism and burnout while boosting performance across your entire team at every level, with Executive Assessments and Wellness Days.
At the Gym
Access advanced, quick screening that prevents excessive training, improves motivation and helps members to meet their fitness goals.
At Retail Outlets
Get easy access to our full range of ReadyRoom Assessments in our branded Wellness Pods that are stationed in-store at our Retail Partners.
At School
Find on-site testing at dedicated Wellness Pods aimed at increasing academic and sport performance by preventing overtraining.
Personal Trainers
Enjoy highly advanced, more accurate personal training services, offering cutting-edge assessments and professionally verified wellness solutions.
Sports Clubs
Prevent under-preparedness, injury, overtraining and peaking with accurate full-body insights and professional remedial interventions.

What Assessments and Solutions does ReadyRoom offer?

  • Powered by BeActivated
    15 minutes is all it takes to understand where your mobility, stability and breathing need to be addressed…
  • Powered by Omegawave
    With a 5-minute, non-invasive assessment, we’re able to gain an in-depth view of your brain and heart…
  • Powered by InBody
    This non-invasive assessment takes just 5 minutes to calculate your percentage of muscle, fat and water in the body…
  • Powered by Neurozone
    In just 5 minutes, we obtain scientific insights into how your body and brain are influencing your capacity for Learning and Innovation…
  • Powered by RightEye
    We use eye-tracking technology to record and analyse visual impairments and deficiencies that impact your wellness in just 5 minutes...
  • Powered by ReadyRoom
    Using Data-driven Nutritional Science, we provide customised, safe and accurate nutritional planning…

ReadyRoom Collaborates With International Sports And Wellness Companies And Leading Sports And Wellness Physicians

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