How does ReadyEye work?…

The Eye-tracking Tests

Available through four distinct eye-tracking tests, ReadyEye is a cutting-edge tool that identifies the potential causes of reading problems, dynamic vision issues and functional vision challenges.
Functional Vision
From driving your car to staying balanced on the stairs – your activities require finely tuned functional vision skills. This exam goes way beyond basic eye tests to identify where your functional vision may be deficient.
Brain Health
Your eyes are your windows to the brain – and not just the soul. Far more advanced than the simple finger test that optometrists use, the ReadyEye assessment detects neurological problems and helps us provide accurate solutions.
Even if you have healthy eyes and 20/20 vision, functional vision problems could also be resulting in learning disabilities, poor handwriting and comprehension issues. Our test records and analyses your visual performance while reading, which helps us recommend training exercises to address this.
Sports Vision
In sport, nearly 80% of perceptual input is visual. 20/20 vision does not mean that you are using your eyes correctly. To identify speed, direction and maintain co-ordination and reaction time, your functional vision needs to perform at its peak. Our analysis can help determine where your vision is deficient.

The Tools

Once your eye-tracking tests have been done, it’s important to know how to improve your vision. Our tools improve reading, cognition and athletic performance.
Sports Vision Trainer
Our Sports Vision Exercises, which are suitable for all sports people, integrate visual skill building into your regular training regime. Recommended eye exercises are specific to each sport and can guarantee an improvement in your abilities. The difference can be seen through performance and regular ReadyEye tests.
EyeQ Trainer
The EyeQ Trainer is a computer-based oculomotor exercise program that you can complete at home. It improves vision tracking impairments, and exercises are assigned to you based on your specific ReadyEye test results. Based on gamification, the exercise program is highly motivating and enjoyable and is suited to everyone no matter their age.

Can ReadyEye help you?

As part of an integrated suite of health assessments, or provided on its own, ReadyEye helps:
Improve efficiency and productivity
Help improve cognition, concentration and attention for a more productive and engaged team.
Gyms, Sports Clubs & Personal Trainers
Enhance training and performance
Improve dynamic vision for increased performance and higher levels of co-ordination and accuracy.
Improve performance
Enhance concentration, learning ability, co-ordination and both academic and sports performance.
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Retailers & Medical Aids
Motivate improved functional vision
Provide customers with access to cutting-edge technology that would otherwise be unavailable to them, which helps boost mental and physical performance.
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