The only non-invasive Health Assessment to measure both the brain and heart…

A 5-minute Health Assessment
Used by elite sports and tactical professionals, ReadyBody, powered by Omegawave, is a health assessment that accurately measures your brain and heart. ReadyBody works across three key modalities:
A four-minute non-invasive health assessment at rest, that provides an in-depth analysis of both the brain and heart.
Data analysis of your Central Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System, as well as Cardiac and Energy System.
We provide insights into how to optimise your preparation and readiness for training and improve performance.

Scientifically Proven . Designed for Everyone

ReadyBody is not only suited to sportspeople, but to anyone who wants to live a healthier life. ReadyBody provides a far more accurate assessment of the hearts functioning than an ECG, while the brain assessment enables us to understand why you may be feeling stressed or tired.

Can ReadyBody help you?

As part of an integrated suite of health assessments, or provided on its own, ReadyBody helps:
Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism
Incorporate ReadyBody into your Corporate Wellness Program and help your team discover how to avoid burnout and improve concentration.
Gyms, Sports Clubs & Personal Trainers
Enhance training and prevent injury
Help your members understand when they should be training and resting to get maximum gains and increased physical and mental performance.
Avoid burnout and injury
Assist parents and learners who engage in sports to avoid ongoing or long-term injury and improve concentration and academic achievement.
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Retailers & Medical Aids
Enable customers to become healthier
Ensure improved loyalty and health by helping customers make better choices and maintain their wellbeing.
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