When our kids are doing too much, they cannot be their best. That’s where our ReadyRoom Health Assessments come in…

School children today are faced with more pressure to succeed than ever before. Trying to consistently succeed as top achievers on every level – in schoolwork and sport – can leave them mentally fatigued and overtrained. Over time, this significantly impacts their health and wellness and undermines their growth and development.

ReadySchools health assessments have been designed to find where your child may be struggling physically and overcome those challenges with the correct balance across all their responsibilities.

What do our Health Assessments analyse?

To develop a balanced body and brain that can perform at its best, we need to assess and understand our current physical state. This is what we look at:

What Health Assessments do we provide

Managed by our ReadySchools team, our ReadyPods (Wellness Kiosks) are situated at selected schools across Cape Town and can be introduced to any school in South Africa. These ReadyPods provide a safe environment for our ReadyRoom Health Assessments and results of these as well as our suggested interventions, are discussed with the parent and child.
  • Powered by BeActivated
    Assessment Time: 15 Minutes
    Understand where you child’s mobility, stability and breathing need to be addressed so that injuries can be reduced and resilience, energy, strength and speed improved…
  • Powered by Omegawave
    Assessment Time: 5 Minutes
    This accurate assessment of the brain and heart helps identify where your child can optimize training, athletic performance and improve resistance to stress, illness and injury…
  • Powered by InBody
    Assessment Time: 5 Minutes
    Going beyond BMI, which is outdated and inaccurate, this assessment measures the balance between body fat and muscle, and includes a fully personalised diet and exercise plan…
  • Powered by Neurozone
    Assessment Time: 5 Minutes
    With a Brain Performance Opportunity Diagnosis, we’re able to maximise four core competencies including Resilience, Self-leadership, Learning Capacity and Innovation Capacity…
  • Powered by RightEye
    Assessment Time: 5 Minutes
    We use eye-tracking technology to record and analyse any visual impairments and highlight deficiencies in your child’s overall health and wellness…
  • Powered by ReadyRoom
    Treatment Time: 30 Minutes
    Using Data-driven Nutritional Science, we provide a customised, safe and accurate nutritional plan along with ongoing monitoring and health management…

What do the kids have to say?

"I was getting zero results from my exercise program and yet I was always tired from exercising so much. With the help of ReadyRoom, I was able to understand when and where I needed to exercise, and rest, and the results took my breath away. Today I am stronger, quicker and fitter and my exercise program is efficient and making a difference. I understand my body better now thanks to ReadyRoom."
R. van Tonder. Rugby Player.

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