Providing Access to Health Assessments that Help People Perform at their Best

Our team aims to help everyone - from the fitness enthusiast and professional sports person, to the business owner or CEO and his/her team and employees, as well as scholars (and really just about everyone else) to reach their peak in health and wellness using cutting edge health assessments and interventions.

Although we already have the most advanced, comprehensive range of health assessments and supporting health interventions in South Africa, our team has our ear to the ground for any additional modalities that will benefit our clients.

Our Expertise

Leading the way to the most advanced Health Assessments in South Africa…

Our company was founded and is led by a medical doctor with over 17 years of experience, of which 15 have included a focus on cardiac rehabilitation. We’ve worked with top sportsmen and senior executives across South Africa and abroad.
With a former professional Cricketer and professional athletes in our team, our methods and interventions come from personal, as well as professional knowledge and experience.
Our team is trained in using the latest international technologies that are all based in extensive scientific research and practice to provide the cutting-edge health solutions that we offer.

Here are some of the health assessments that we provide:

  • Powered by BeActivated
    15 minutes is all it takes to understand where your mobility, stability and breathing need to be addressed…
  • Powered by Omegawave
    With a 5-minute, non-invasive assessment, we’re able to gain an in-depth view of your brain and heart…
  • Powered by InBody
    This non-invasive assessment takes just 5 minutes to calculate your percentage of muscle, fat and water in the body…
  • Powered by Neurozone
    In just 5 minutes, we obtain scientific insights into how your body and brain are influencing your capacity for Learning and Innovation…
  • Powered by RightEye
    We use eye-tracking technology to record and analyse visual impairments and deficiencies that impact your wellness in just 5 minutes...
  • Powered by ReadyRoom
    Using Data-driven Nutritional Science, we provide customised, safe and accurate nutritional planning…
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