Why is an activated body so important?

When the body has developed bad muscle patterns, the brain communicates with the body in a way that results in us feeling ongoing tension, stress and pain.
Sub-optimal muscle patterns also result in:
Interrupted sleep patterns, Emotional and mental blockages, Lack of clarity and focus, Chronic pain and injury, Lack of confidence and motivation, Stress and fatigue

Proven Effectiveness . Designed for Everyone

ReadyActivate is a hands-on body activation mechanism that tests the physical functioning of your body and with a trained practitioner, provides simple, non-strenuous techniques to improve your resistance, strength and flexibility. The results can be felt immediately and continue to eliminate the impact of the sub-optimal muscle patterns that you may be used to.

Can ReadyActivate help you?

As part of an integrated suite of health assessments, or provided on its own, ReadyActivate helps:
Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism
Enable your team to be more effective and efficient when you help them to reduce stress, improve mental functioning and eliminate work-related pain and injury.
Gyms, Sports Clubs & Personal Trainers
Enhance training and prevent injury
Increase training and athletic potential through enabling correct form, posture, muscle strength and flexibility throughout the entire body.
Avoid burnout and injury
Help learners to perform better athletically and academically with a perfectly balanced body and improved co-ordination.
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Retailers & Medical Aids
Enable customers to become healthier
Integrate ReadyActivate into your suite of health assessments to provide customers with optimal flexibility, balance and strength.
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